90 Day Action Plan Template

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Anyone can create an action plan to help them mark all the steps they must take in order to hit a specific goal. Action plans can be personal or professional – they can involve finding a new job, starting a business, losing weight, or moving to a new city. A 90 day action plan specifically divides these steps into a 3-month period for a long-term look with achievable goals each day, week, and/or month.

Action plans outline all the steps needed to complete a project. This can have a very simple format that looks like a to-do list, or it could be a complex, multipage document that describes by department how to achieve an organization-wide goal. With three months, many individuals and businesses can achieve long-lasting success, making the 90 day action plan one of the most popular formats.

How to Develop Your 90 Day Action Plan

A 90-day action plan can be broken down into as many steps as you want, but the simplest way to break down the plan is in monthly increments. Here are some suggestions for breaking down the action plan by month:

  1. First Month: Learn. No matter what your goal is – healthier lifestyle, finding a new job, or moving your business into a new market – spend the entire first month learning. Learn about better eating habits, nutrition, and caloric intake; learn about resume building, your skills, and what type of work you enjoy performing; learn about the new market, the potential customers, the operations of other businesses already marketing to those customers.
  2. Second Month: Elaborate. Use this month to process the knowledge you gained in the first month, and begin to formulate expectations. If you cut sugar, eat more vegetables, and exercise for an extra 30 minutes per day, what sort of weight loss can you expect over time? If you take some extra professional training classes, volunteer in the field you want to work in, or reformat your resume, what sort of response from employers in your new field can you expect? If you change your logo, hire some extra team members, and offer quarterly instead of annual reports, can you expect to see more interest in the new product or service your business offers?
  3. Third Month: Take Action. Once you have clearly defined expectations for the changes you want to make, write down the steps. Create a workout schedule and a meal plan, with weekly weigh-ins. Apply for a certain number of jobs in your new field per day, attend professional meetings related to the new field you wish to work in, and contact all your connections. Keep analytics of advertising and cash flow.

Once you’ve developed a detailed 90 day action plan, you may find that you start to see some success but not as much as you originally anticipated. You can create a new 90 day action plan, or develop a different strategy to continue your original steps and see if improvement continues.

Why Use a 90 Day Action Plan Template?

Whether you want an action plan for personal or professional purposes, a template can help you keep up with all the details of a 90 day plan. Three months is a long time, so use our free, downloadable template to see all the steps you can create, and get started on your 90 day action plan!