Affidavit of Residence

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An affidavit of residence attests to the legal country, state, city and/or township of residency of the person that is executing the affidavit. As with all affidavits and legally-binding statement, an affidavit of residency must be signed under oath with a notary public. A written affidavit of residence should be as detailed as possible and dated.

For School

For school reasons, a school may request that parents of a student sign an affidavit of residents when the legal residence of a student isn’t clear. Many schools cannot afford to allow children that live outside of their district to attend their school. Colleges and universities may also request this to determine the cost of tuitions, whether in-state or out of state tuition. A residency affidavit is required as way to supplement documentation concerning residency.

For Taxes

Another time that an affidavit of residence may be required is for taxes. When someone owns more than one home, they must declare one of them as their official residence when paying taxes. Tax rates vary in different places, so choosing a resident can have money-related consequences. Things such as driver licensing, vehicle registration and voter registration all require an affidavit of residency.