The AF Form 931, otherwise known as the ‘Airmen Comprehensive Assessment Worksheet’, is a document used to self-assess a person’s own responsibility, accountability, Air Force culture, and other leadership skills. The form should be filled-in with an honest approach as to how the individual feels about whom they are reviewing and when it is complete the document should be signed and returned to the individual or their superior.


The are many uses to this form depending on the time and situation of the ratee. This form allows an airman to either rate their prospective outlook (Initial), how they think they are currently doing (Mid-Term), and how they did (Follow Up), which gives the form three different functions. The rater will collect this information and use it to follow up and asses the airman’s progress throughout training or missions. The form in many ways is to help the airman become a leader not only for himself but for others by touching on professional and personal issues. All feedback is supposed to be private and confidential, however, if the person rating the ratee has an Air Force rank of AB (Aviation boatswain) through TSgt (Technical Sergeant), than the rater’s rater is authorized to read it.

Filling Out the Form

Filling out the form is very straightforward and can be either handwritten or typed. Enter your Name, Rank, and Unit. Next it will ask questions that require either a yes or no answer followed by checkmark answers and preceded by a series of questions that the ratee must answer.