Book Template

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Thanks to the rapid growth of the internet, more and more authors and writers have chosen to self-publish their works, rather than go through a book publishing business. The trend began soon after the internet became available for individual consumers, as people began to publish their writings on self-created websites, then on weblogs (or blogs), then through online diaries and social media. Several magazines and publication services grew as internet-only businesses, and now, several services give writers the option to publish their books both in print and electronic copy on their own.

In order to successfully self-publish a novel with most self-publishing options, however, it is important to have the correct format – especially if the book will be printed out as well as sold in electronic editions. Book templates help self-publishing writers to format their work with little hassle.

Things to Remember About Book Templates:

There are a few important things to remember about book templates.

  1. Text templates are only for the body of the book, and do not include the book cover, table of contents, notes and other annotations, etc.
  2. Different self-publishing platforms use different file types, although most take PDF. Remember to check the list of file extensions that the platform accepts before submitting your book, and ensure that the book template you use formats appropriately for the file type.
  3. When looking at book templates, decide how large you want the pages to be (this could impact how large the type face is), and whether your prefer portrait or landscape format. Landscape is a classic layout for young children’s books and work books, while portrait formatting is more common with longer novels and novellas.
  4. Double-check for spelling errors and grammar errors after you transfer your writing to the book template. These issues will show up when the book is printed and then there’s no going back!
  5. Don’t let others discourage you from using a book template to self-publish your work! Some of the greatest authors in history, including Virginia Woolfe, Jane Austen, Walt Whitman, and Marcel Proust self-published some of their work in their careers.

Why Should I Download a Book Template?

If you decide to self-publish your work in order to launch your writing career, you are among great company. These days, self-publishing books, magazines, pamphlets, and more is easier than ever, especially through companies like and companies devoted to helping writers self-publish books in e-reader, electronic, and print formats. However, these mainly online companies sometimes offer a free book template, but more often than not will instead give you, the writer, specific guidelines for how they wish to receive your manuscript – leaving you to figure out the formatting.

A free, downloadable book template can help you arrange all of your words perfectly, so the reader can enjoy your novel with all of the proper pieces in place. Download our free book templates today to get started!