Certificate of Appreciation

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If an employee has worked extra hard, or a student made a perfect score on a test, or a child successfully scored their sports team’s first goal of the season, you may find that you want to reward them and show how much you appreciate what they did. A certificate of appreciation is a great way to show them, and everyone else, that you see and enjoy the effort they have put in. Present a certificate of appreciation at a party, graduation ceremony, or other special event.

What is a Certificate of Appreciation?

A certificate of appreciation is a customized certificate that acknowledges a person’s hard work, effort, or talent. Certificates of appreciation can be used for students who complete a course, children who complete a sporting activity or work hard at physical achievements, employees who work hard to improve the company and keep up good morale in the office, long-time workers who always show up on time with a smile, or anyone else whose effort and attitude you appreciate or admire.

A certificate of appreciation is a great way to say “thank you,” especially at an event like an office party or graduation ceremony. These forms can be as informal as a birthday gag, or as formal as a fancy certificate of completion, recognizing a retiring employee at a formal dinner, or other professional situation.

When to Use a Certificate of Appreciation

Here are a few suggestions of when to use a certificate of appreciation:

  • Special donor thank-you
  • Employee recognition after a long project
  • Award ceremony
  • Perfect attendance record
  • Contributions, whether financial or volunteer time
  • Thank-you to a coach, student, teacher, or employee
  • Sponsorship of an event or charity
  • Birthday party or wedding party gag gift
  • Completion of a class or school project
  • Excellent grades
  • Completion of a chore (parent to child)
  • Acknowledgement of student’s extra efforts outside the classroom (help cleaning, for example)

Why Should I Use a Certificate of Appreciation Template?

Although there’s no particular legal reason to use a certificate of appreciation, these documents can really boost morale among employees, students, or team members. They help show that you are thankful for the work someone put into a project, class, job, team work, or other event. When you acknowledge contributions of money or time, the recipient of the certificate of achievement feels good about him or herself, and will most likely continue to work hard in the future. Other employees or students may feel motivated by the recognition as well, and begin to work hard for their own awards.