DA 1594

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DA 1594 is often referred to as a Duty Officer’s Log or the Daily Staff Journal. This is a record kept by the duty officer in an army unit regarding the day’s activities, so that the commanding officer knows what daily routines have been completed, and if any unusual incidents occurred.

How is DA 1594 Used?

A DA 1594 is basically a list of information regarding the unit’s and duty officer’s activities over the course of the day. This includes inspections, trainings, meals, and any incidents such as injuries or accidents that occur during the course of the duty officer’s shift.

In the US Armed Forces, the duty officer is in charge of a unit’s headquarters while the commanding officer is away. The duty officer is responsible for inspecting the soldiers during their guard shifts, assigning quarters as necessary, inspecting quarters for cleanliness if necessary, ensuring the cleanliness and timeliness of unit dining facilities, inspection of arms rooms and cleaning of weapons if necessary, and any motorcades or motor pools. This position rotates every 24 to 48 hours, with each duty officer maintaining their logs during their time on duty, although all the entries will be kept in one log book.

Elements of DA 1594:

DA 1594 forms should be standardized according to military standards, and available either through the chain of command, or at the post. However, a free template for download can help train new duty officers in the necessary information for the log sheets, and can help supply new sheets if the unit runs out before the duty officers can get more.

Elements of a consistent DA 1594 form can include:

  • Page numbers for each individual page
  • Date of each shift, and name of the duty officer maintaining the log for their shift
  • Numbered list of events over the course of a day observed and commanded by the duty officer
  • Notes regarding any problems during inspections or regular events, and notes on any incidents that occur that are unusual for the unit
  • Notes pointing toward additional sheets with further information on the daily activities during the duty officer’s shift
  • Certified by the rank officer at the bottom of the sheet (this shows that the ranking or commanding officer has seen the events while they were off base)

Why Should I Use a Template for DA 1594?

The military will issue standardized DA 1594 forms, or they can be downloaded from the US army website. However, if those are not available for any reason, we offer a free, downloadable DA 1594 form that covers all the necessary information. Additionally, if your scout troop, civil war reenactment group, or other civilian unit wishes to keep this type of record, our free, downloadable DA 1594 template covers all the information kept by a regular military outfit, so you can begin recording daily activities with a civilian duty officer. Templates can prompt the person recording the information on what items they need to remember, and can also be easily interpreted by many different officers. Download our free DA 1594 template today to get started!