Daily Sales Report

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In general, sales reports help business owners keep track of who their customers are, how much of any specific items or services they purchase at one time, and possibly how often the customer returns. For many brick-and-mortar businesses, monthly sales reports are adequate to keep track of trends in the business; however, in the digital world, more and more businesses have an online store presence, and daily sales reports give these types of businesses more information faster.

Daily sales reports have the added advantage of allowing you, the business owner, to see possible problems before they become large problems.

How to Use a Daily Sales Report

A daily sales report will have a list of orders from the past 24 hours which have been paid for. It should contain “key performance indicators” or KPIs that allow you to track who has been in your store or on your website, how long they stayed, and what they browsed or purchased. For websites especially, this helps the business owners or managers see what people might be interested in, and try new ways to turn that interest into sales. Customers are encouraged to return by being offered exclusive sales items or discounts, and social media can help generate potential sales by comparing what a potential customer has shopped for on one website to items on your website.

Daily sales reports allow you to follow daily trends, which can easily compile into weekly or monthly trends so you can market your business not only on peak days or weeks, but on peak hours. If your business is based on the East Coast, for example, but many of your customers are on the West Coast, you can figure that out and adjust hours that email notifications for specials are sent to lure in return customers.

You can also start to gauge how holidays might affect your business. For many Americans, holidays are becoming big shopping times, but for online merchants, they may or may not see a spike in sales around Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Memorial Day. If you don’t get a spike in sales on those days, then you can decide if you wish to market to those potential customers, or if it will simply be a quiet time for your business – and you can market to less exhausted customers later.

Why Should I Use a Daily Sales Report Template?

Templates help organize information in a legible and professional manner. Because daily sales reports are important business reports, it is vital to make sure all the information is gathered in a predictable way. Download out free daily sales report templates and see which one suits your organization the best.