Employee Write Up Form

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Employee write up forms are sometimes referred to as employee discipline forms, employee warning notes, or a warning of employee conduct. These letters or forms are used by employers or human resources workers to document when an employee’s behavior or job performance gets bad enough consistently enough to cause concern or problems for the business. The employee write up form allows employers or managers to explain expectations for changes in the employee’s behavior, and detail consequences if the behavior or poor job performance continues.

When to Use an Employee Write-Up Form

Employee write ups should not be used all the time; instead, employers or managers should speak with employees about reported bad behavior or poor job performance, and if the problems persist, written warnings can begin. The employee write up form has room for the employee to sign the document, showing that they understand why their performance is a problem and what the consequences will be if they do not change.

Some businesses issue multiple written warnings for the problem, while other companies issue one written warning before other disciplinary action occurs. Consider what would work best for you and your employees, then formalize the hierarchy of disciplinary action to include verbal and written warnings. Make sure your employees understand your procedures and how they could affect employment status in the future.

In some cases, the written warning serves as documentation of the discussion between an employer and employee, because previous verbal warnings had been unclear or miscommunicated. The employee write up will serve as clarification for both parties, and give both sides a reason to discuss the problem and how intentions has been miscommunicated.

Why Should Use an Employee Write-Up Form?

Many employee write up forms are standardized with a checklist of common disciplinary or job performance problems, such as not making a daily quota of calls, taking excessive breaks, or misusing the company internet. There should also be a method of noting which warning this is, and the results of previous warnings, if any. It is rare for an employee write up form to be more customized, but many HR departments or managers will keep spaces for notes or “other disciplinary problems,” in the event that something unexpected comes up or there are additional details regarding how the employee and manager worked with each other to resolve the issue. This can be useful communicating between departments – for example, if the employee talks to human resources but not directly to their own manager, then the HR department can put notes on the disciplinary form for the employee’s direct manager to review later.

Our employee write up form can help you get started, especially if you run a small business or your business does not have a solid HR department yet. If you have serious questions about employee discipline issues, however, you should speak with your boss, and check local and federal employment standards for guidance regarding legal methods of employee discipline, how the firing process works, and other potential pitfalls.