Generic Fax Cover Sheet

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Although few people fax documents for personal reasons, many large organizations still use fax machines to ensure quick and accurate transfer of documents. From sales forms to insurance requests to invoices, if you must fax a document, keeping a professional fax cover sheet will help you communicate clearly with other businesses.

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet gives the receiver basic information about the fax they have received, such as the name of the person or company that sent the sheet, the number of pages of documentation that have been faxed, and any other pertinent details. This allows the receiver to communicate clearly with the sender, especially if some pages did not send properly, or are missing from the document. Fax cover sheets also include the name, department, and/or business who should receive the fax, so that the fax can be passed to the appropriate recipient, or the sender can know if they sent to a wrong fax number.

Sometimes, the fax sender will include comments on the document, such as requests for edits or further information, or directions for how to read the document.

Not all faxes require cover sheets, but if you as the sender have instructions for the receiver, there are multiple pages, or multiple recipients, then it could be important to include a cover sheet to make sure all the information around the received fax can be properly understood.

How to Use a Fax Cover Sheet?

Fax cover sheets are very simply to follow, and should include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your fax number
  3. Other pertinent information like phone number, mailing address, or email address
  4. Recipient’s name
  5. Recipient’s department or business name
  6. Contact information for the recipient, like phone number, extension, email address, etc.
  7. Whether or not the fax is urgent, or has a specific due date
  8. Instructions on how to use the faxed document, if any
  9. Whether or not you need a reply, and the best way to send that reply

Why Should I Download a Fax Cover Sheet Template?

Although the information needed on a fax cover sheet is easy to remember and document, using a professionally designed template can help create a professional appearance for your business. If you and your employees use the same fax cover sheet template repeatedly, then vendors that you work with, insurance companies that you contact, or anyone else who receives your faxes will automatically know it is you, and will know how to read your template. You and your employees will also better memorize and keep track of the necessary information contained in the fax.

Fax cover sheets can be printed out and filled out by hand, filled out on the computer and then printed, or, in the case of internet fax companies, included as part of the PDF or Word Doc that gets transmitted through an online fax service.

Take a look at the free fax cover sheet templates that we offer and choose the best one for your company. Download our free fax cover sheet to get started immediately!