Grand Opening Flyer

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Grand openings are parties or opening events for businesses that help promote the establishment, and can include anything from ribbon-cutting ceremonies to fireworks and rides to food to merchandise discounts. Grand opening flyers notify potential customers of the event and what’s involved, to help promote the business.

Grand Opening Celebrations

Sometimes, a grand opening is preceded by a “soft opening” or “soft launch” in which the business starts with a few of their potential offerings, such as some menu items or a handful of exclusive deals. In some cases, these soft openings before the grand opening are still open to the public, but more often than not, they are by invitation-only, as a way of notifying local celebrities, public officials, and the press that the business will launch soon. It is also a good way to get an early review of the business in the local newspaper or blogs.

The goals of a grand opening include:

  • Create awareness of the business and its location. Even if customers don’t attend the actual event, a grand opening celebration’s publicity, including flyers, can help potential customers become aware of the business and develop curiosity. Those that attend the grand opening will spread information about the business through word-of-mouth – still considered the most effective form of advertising.
  • Generate excitement about the business. Ideally, the attendees at your event will have a great time and leave with a positive image of your business, your employees, and your products or services. It is also a great way to stand out from other similar businesses in your community.
  • Create a positive experience that customers will tell each other about. Even if a customer does not attend the grand opening celebrations, getting positive reviews in the press, online publications, online comments, social media, and other publication avenues will help potential customers get a sense of how well your business operates and how your services can help them. It also impresses on the community that you want to make them happy.

>How to Make a Catchy Grand Opening Flyer:

There are many ways to design a flyer that can catch the eye, but it is important to your business to make sure your promotional materials look similar or the same, so potential customers can recognize your business. When you begin to design a grand opening flyer, keep these things in mind:

  1. Make sure to choose eye-catching but well-coordinated colors
  2. Target your potential customer’s positive emotions
  3. Make sure the headline of the grand opening, as well as your business’s name, are prominently displayed and easy to read
  4. Choose a relevant and eye-catching image
  5. Keep other information on the flyer, such as date, time, and cost, concisely worded and also easy to read
  6. Include contact information at the bottom of the flyer – phone number, email address, and mailing address should all be included
  7. If there will be any special events, such as bands or raffles, put that information on the poster, in a non-cluttered way

Why Should I Download a Grand Opening Flyer Template?

If you are not a professional graphic designer, starting from scratch with a grand opening flyer can seem overwhelming. Download one of our free templates today and get started with a basic flyer to help you choose relevant images and keep track of all the information your customers need to find you!