Invoice Template

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An Invoice is one of the most common kinds of commercial legal documents in existence. It is commonly given to a buyer from a seller, to inform them of how much money they owe the seller in exchange for a product or service. While these are legally binding, they can often be extremely informal given how common they are, and thus should be read carefully by the buyer to be sure of what they are paying, how they must pay it and what precisely they are getting in return.

How to Use an Invoice

There are a variety of ways an Invoice can be presented, usually either physical (IE, an actual form given by the seller) or electronic (IE an internet Invoice). While they are most commonly exchanged from a seller to a buyer, there are exceptions. For example, a Time Sheet that an employee gives to their employer to outline what their wages should be is technically a form of invoice.

In order to be complete an Invoice should include all the following information: The name and address of the seller, the date, the cost and a description of the product or service being purchased, as well as the amount of any shipping or tax costs, and the total amount being charged. Depending on the type of invoice it can also include the individual unit cost and the terms of a credit, if it is an invoice for a loan or similar.

There are quite a number of different types of invoices, ranging from commercial to designed for customs importation. Certain counties, especially island nations like the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, have unique customs Invoices that will need to be filled out when bringing things into the country.

Commercial Invoices however are much more common, and they will make up the majority of the Invoices found on this site. The seller should research the various kinds of invoices available to be sure that they are using the kind of Invoice they need to in order to get their payment on time and in the form or forms they find acceptable.