Massachusetts LLC Operating Agreements

An LLC Operating Agreement explicates the rules of engagement within the LLC. Members should be familiar with the terms within the Agreement.   Provisos of the Agreement will dictate future course of conduct.

Form Description Types

Massachusetts Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

A Massachusetts Single Member Operating Agreement forges as its purpose to govern the solo owner’s undertakings within the LLC organization. Under the Massachusetts Limited Liability Company Act, the solo owner is enabled to harbor personal affairs from proceedings made against…Read more ›

Massachusetts Multi Member LLC Operating Agreement

A Massachusetts Multi Member Operating Agreement affirms the intent of its members to operate the LLC in a particular way. A vital , but often overlooked, section in this Agreement is set forth in the Articles regarding inspection and maintenance…Read more ›

Massachusett LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC Operating Agreement is a promise by members of a limited Liability Company to operate the LLC in a particular manner.  It provides protection against personal liability by demonstrating your intent to form a separate business entity.  Moreover, the…Read more ›