Order Form Template

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Whether you’re a supplier, online retailer, or brick-and-mortar store, you should consider using order forms to verify all purchases. Order forms work as verification of customer information, as well as a receipt of purchase, so everyone is on the same page.

When to Use Order Forms

Many businesses are moving to online order forms, which they integrate with their website to ease purchasing of clothing, kitschy items, food, coupons, services, etc. Anything and everything can be sold online, and therefore anything and everything online can have an online order form. In some cases, however, online retailers also generate a printable document that is a copy of the order form, which serves as a receipt for the customer.

Behind the scenes, however, most vendors and suppliers use paper order forms. These can also sometimes be found in catalogues, for those who don’t want to purchase items over the internet. When two businesses agree that one will deliver goods or services to the other in exchange for payment (such as a grocery store contracting with a lettuce supplier), then they fill out an order form to determine cost and timing of deliveries.

Sometimes, if a customer walks into a store and the store does not stock the item, then the customer can fill out an order form for the store to get the item in stock. Many brick-and-mortar bookstores follow this practice – if they do not have a book in stock, they offer to order it for the customer, and then get the customer’s information.

In the case of larger purchases, like paintings from an art gallery, the customer might also use an order form or purchase form so that the painting can be delivered to their home, or they might set up installment payments.

Why Should I Use an Order Form Template?

The order form serves as a written agreement between two parties that one will provide goods or services, and the other party will provide money for those specific goods or services. It is a legally binding contract in most courts of law, even if one party is a small business or independent contractor.

Our online order form template can help you get started. However, if you have concerns about structure of an order form or how to use them for your business, consider consulting with an attorney, accountant, or business consultant.