Phone Message Template

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A phone message template is a professional form used to take messages from incoming callers, or record the contents of a voicemail. Although rarely used for personal purposes because of the advent of email, text messaging, and social media, phone message templates can be very useful in the workplace. These templates can ensure that the contents of important messages can be accurately transferred to the receiver.

How Is It Used?

A phone message template, form, or slip should be used if someone calls for a specific employee, but they are out of the office or indisposed. The person who answered the phone – a receptionist, personal assistant, or assistant manager, for example – can use the phone message template to record all the information the caller needs to relay to the employee, then make sure the written information is seen when the employee returns.

Phone message slips or templates are not very common, but they can be used in a digital form in addition to a printed copy. The uniform nature of the phone message template ensures that the person receiving the message can get all necessary information in a timely fashion. The benefit of using a digital version, as well, ensures that the message transfer is immediate, and the receiver does not have to read the writer’s handwriting.

What Information Should Be On a Phone Message Template:

While relatively simple, phone message templates must contain some specific information to be useful. Here are some of the sections most phone message templates contain:

  • Name of the caller
  • Time they called
  • Date that they called
  • Contact information – at least phone number, possibly also email address and/or fax number
  • Contents of the message
  • When to respond, especially if the message is urgent

Why Should I Use a Phone Message Template?

In a business setting, anything that can save time can be valuable. A phone message template is uniform in appearance, and can help both the person who answered the phone, as well as the person who receives the phone message, quickly transfer all necessary information in a professional and tidy way. Download one of our free phone message templates to see what we mean!