Alaska Power of Attorney Forms

An Alaska power of attorney is a document you give to another person (your agent) which gives them the right to make decisions on your behalf. First you would give them a set of directions, which would be included in the form and they would be responsible for carrying them out. There can be more than one type of power of attorney, each have their own way of giving another person powers in a way that best serves the Principal (you). A power of attorney can give your agent broad powers which would allow them to do anything you could do for yourself or you could selectively choose the powers you can give an agent.

When giving powers to your agent, you have the ability to appoint them immediately or you can make the power of attorney only effective when/if you become disabled. You can make the appointment “Durable” which means your agent will have powers even if you become disabled or you can limit the amount of time your agent has to act on your behalf. It is important to note that in the state of Alaska, there are separate laws regarding medical powers which includes the designation of an health care agent. An Alaska Advance Health Care Directive (AS 13.52) should be used for all health care related issues. AS 13.52.010.

Form Description Types

Alaska Durable Power of Attorney Form

An Alaska durable power of attorney gives you the option to allow another person to make decisions on your own behalf even if you become incapacitated. These decisions can be anything from personal issues like taking care of your dog…Read more ›

Alaska General Power of Attorney Form

An Alaska General Power of Attorney gives broad or multiple powers to your agent that will allow them to handle all aspects of your financial and personal life unless you limit the powers. From the business world to just the…Read more ›

Alaska Advance Health Care Directive

Alaska does not allow a medical power of attorney form to be used and instead uses an advance health care directive to designate a health care agent for your medical wishes including end-of-life treatment decisions. The primary reason for this…Read more ›

Alaska DMV Power of Attorney Form

An Alaska DMV Power of Attorney gives your agent the ability to buy or sell a vehicle on your behalf by allowing them to sign any and all documents relating to title and registration. There are a few requirements that must be met…Read more ›