Alabama Power of Attorney Forms

An Alabama power of attorney (POA) is a legal document which gives one person (“attorney-in-fact”) the authority to represent or act on behalf of another (“principal,” “grantor,” or “donor.”) Also known as a letter of attorney, these documents are most often used when a person cannot manage their own finances.  Such documents can also allow the attorney-in-fact to make medical decisions for a person who is not able to do so.

A principal is able to tailor the document to his specific needs, authorizing the attorney-in-fact to act only within the designated scope.  In addition, the POA is either (1) regular, meaning it ends when its purpose is filled, or at the principal’s incapacity/death, or, it is (2) durable, meaning it survives the principal’s incapacity. Though forms are available online, your may wish to consult with an attorney to ensure the document is drafted to suit the principal’s particular wishes.

Form Description Types

Alabama Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Alabama medical power of attorney form is used to choose someone else to help designate a person’s future health care decisions based on inevitable events that will take place. The agent selected is not allowed to compensate themselves unless…Read more ›

Alabama Tax Power of Attorney (Declaration of Representative) – Form 2848A

The Alabama tax power of attorney and declaration of representative, known as Form 2848A, is a document provided by the Department of Revenue for taxpayers who wish to elect someone else to handle their filings. Form Description Types This is…Read more ›

Alabama Parental (Over a Child) Power of Attorney Form

The Alabama parental power of attorney form, or the delegation of parental authority, allows a parent (under Statute 26-2A-7) to delegate legal custody of a minor from a parent to a family member or friend. Form Description Types Custodial Powers The…Read more ›

Alabama General Power of Attorney (Non-Durable) Form

The Alabama general power of attorney form is much like the durable version which allows a person to be selected (“Agent”) to handle any and all financial decision making on someone else’s behalf. The only difference is that if the…Read more ›

Alabama Durable Power of Attorney Form

The Alabama durable power of attorney form is mainly for financial purposes in order to “hand over” responsibility to all assets and accounts to a trusted individual. The form must be authorized by the attorney-in-fact and the principal, and witnessed by…Read more ›

Alabama Power of Attorney Laws

Alabama Uniform Power of Attorney Act
Living Will/Advance Directive Laws – Statute 22-8a-4