Alabama General Power of Attorney (Non-Durable) Form

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The Alabama general power of attorney form is much like the durable version which allows a person to be selected (“Agent”) to handle any and all financial decision making on someone else’s behalf. The only difference is that if the principal, or the person handing over the power, becomes disabled or not able to make decisions on their own the form becomes void.

As stated in the Uniform Power of Attorney Act all power of attorney forms are to be considered durable unless there is language in the form that explicitly states that it is not. Therefore the general version is the only document which allows for the principal to be protected if they feel the agent they select need oversight and cannot be trusted under the premise of incapacitation.


The document should be filled-in in with the principal’s name and information. It will ask for specific dates for how long the power of attorney should last and if the time-frame does not have an end-date, or it ends upon the principal’s incapacitation, it should state ‘perpetual’.

On the signature area on the bottom of the page you will notice that only the principal is required to sign the form. But they must do so in the presence of a notary public for it to be legal. After signature the form is considered legal and binding.