New Hampshire General Power of Attorney Form

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The New Hampshire General Power of Attorney Form is designed to give the Attorney-in-Fact widespread power to make decisions about the Principal’s financial affairs. This includes depositing or withdrawing funds from bank accounts, managing investments or purchasing large scale property that would normally require the Principal’s signature, such as an automobile or real estate.

This agreement is the most comprehensive of all of the Power of Attorney agreement, but also the one that requires the Principal be the most sure of their choice of Attorney-in-Fact. As it comes with the most power, it is also the one that is at the most risk for abuse, and comes with the most responsibility. While abuse is rare, the Principal should ensure they have chosen their Attorney-in-Fact well and trust them to use their power in good faith for the Principal’s benefit, as undoing things done by an Attorney-in-Fact can be difficult and time consuming.