Price List Template

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For a business, a price list displays the published prices for goods or services. This price is, for customers, based on a combination of labor involved, price from the manufacturer or vendor, taxes, shipping costs, etc. This list can sometimes also be referred to as a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The price list can also show prices based on supply and demand economics – for example, if an item is very popular, a retailer might choose to charge more for the item in order to make more money, and cover any additional costs involved in purchasing more of the item and paying employees to shelve it.

How is a Price List Used?

Sometimes, price lists involve “discounts,” whether or not the retailer has actually discounted the product or service. For example, the price list could say: “Regular Price: $10. Our Price: $8.99.” Many companies do this, even though they still turn a profit, to make customers feel that they are getting a good deal.

For loyal customers, a retailer might offer a special discount. This occurs more and more in online retailing, where the prices are plainly listed. If a customer receives an email offer, for example, and they follow the link to the retailer’s website, the listed prices they see might show the original price and the special sales price. If they do not click the link, then this special sales price will not appear.

Manufacturers use price lists to sell their goods to vendors. However, the prices are often for the items themselves (sometimes in bulk), but the price does not include taxes or shipping costs, which the vendor most often incurs.

Real estate properties also use list prices for houses, while the price is negotiable. Homes in popular neighborhoods often sell well above what they list for, while houses that have been on the market for a long time sometimes sell at their list price or below.

Why Should I Use a Price List Template?

Price list templates can help you, as a business owner, organize all the information about your products or services, so that you can lay it out cleanly for customers. Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, or a service industry, price lists can help keep you and your employees organized. Download our free price list templates today to get started!


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