Rental Lease Agreement Forms and Templates

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A Lease Agreement is a contract between a lessor, the loaning party, and a lessee, the renting party. A lease is most commonly used when renting residential real estate but may be used for any type of real or personal property.

Free State Specific Lease Agreements

Alabama Indiana Nebraska Puerto Rico
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Carolina
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire South Dakota
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
California Louisiana New Mexico Texas
Colorado Maine New York Utah
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Vermont
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Virginia
Florida Michigan Ohio Washington
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Washington D.C.
Hawaii  Mississippi  Oregon West Virginia
Idaho  Missouri  Pennsylvania  Wisconsin
Illinois  Montana  Rhode Island  Wyoming


Commercial Lease Agreement – A Commercial Lease Agreement is used to lease a property such as retail, industrial or office space to an individual or a business entity. Executing a commercial lease will legally bind the lessor and lessee into a contract that will typically either be Net (triple net), Gross, or Modified Gross.

Commercial Lease Application – A Commercial Lease Application is used to background check a prospective tenant before a commercial lease agreement is considered.

Month to Month Lease Agreement – A Monthly Rental Agreement is a short term or periodic lease that allows flexibility for both the landlord and tenant. It’s typically used more by individuals seeking for a roommate off Craigslist, AirBnb, or HomeAway, however it’s not uncommon to see it used by an actual management company or landlord.

Residential Rental Application – A Residential Rental Application is used by landlords and management companies to screen a potential tenant seeking to lease a residential property or unit.

Residential Sublease Agreement  A Sublease Agreement is a binding contract between an original tenant and a subtenant. When given proper authorization by the landlord, the original tenant may use a sublease agreement to re-lease (sublease) the property.

Standard Residential Lease Agreement (Most Popular) – A Standard Residential Lease Agreement, which normally occurs for one (1) year, is a binding legal contract which hold the tenant to pay monthly payments on time in return to live in a dwelling (home, apartment, unit, etc.)