Alaska Sublease Agreement

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The Alaska sublease agreement is a form that is used by current tenants in order to find someone else to occupy a room or the entire space. The tenant will have to view their lease to ensure that subletting is permitted or else seek the request from the landlord. If approved, the tenant may accept rent in return for subletting for a term that does not last longer than the end of the master lease.

The original tenant, or Sublessor, should take into account that any and all liability is on them for any shortcomings on behalf of the new tenant, or Sublessee. This means that if any non-payment of rent, property damage, or violation of the lease agreement occurs it is the responsibility of the Sublessor. For these reasons a rental application should be handed out to every potential tenant to view their background information, rental history, and employment including monthly income.

The Sublessor must check with their assessor’s office to see when the housing unit was built. If it was earlier than 1978, then the lead based paint disclosure must be attached to the contract.