Alabama Rental Lease Agreement Forms

The Alabama rental forms allow for a landlord and tenant to come to a written agreement over the use of commercial or residential property. Usually after the approval of the tenant through a rental application, he or she will be given a lease to authorize. *Note: Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, lessor and lessee, the agreement becomes legally binding.

Form Description Types

Alabama Commercial Lease Agreement

The Alabama commercial lease agreement is a form used by a property owner seeking to rent their retail, office, or industrial space to someone else. Before authorizing an agreement, the landlord may be advised to verify the tenant’s credentials through the rental…Read more ›

Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Alabama month to month lease agreement is a real estate document designed for a tenant seeking to not have an end date to the contract but have the option to renew one (1) month at a time. There is…Read more ›

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Form Description Types

Alabama Sublease Agreement

The Alabama Sublease Agreement is a contract that allows a tenant to either rent a portion of the property they are leasing to someone else or the entire space and move out. This is the act of ‘Subletting’ which is…Read more ›

Alabama Rental Application

A landlord should use the Alabama rental application to screen and process a probably tenant’s credit and background information. The information should be used to determine if a person is deemed to be qualified for a lease agreement. As per…Read more ›

Rental Laws

Laws are pursuant to Title 35: Property > Chapter 9A – Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

Security Deposit

In the exception of pets, changes to the premises or obligations made in the rental agreement, the landlord under 35-9a-201 may only collect one (1) months’ rent for the Security Deposit.

Returning Security Deposit

The Deposit must be returned to the tenant within thirty-five (35) days. If it is not returned or a reduced amount is sent, an itemized list of the subtractions must be made.

Access to Property

According to Statute 35-9a-303, if the landlord should want to access the property for repairs, showing the property, or for any other reason there must be reasonable notice in the amount of two (2) days.

Late Rent

Rent is due on the date stated in the agreement, according to 35-9a-421, and may not only charge a late fee but also may give the tenant seven days’ notice to either vacate or pay the rent in full (including any penalties incurred).

Breaking a Lease

If the tenant breaks the lease agreement the landlord may send the following notices;

  • 14-Day Notice – For any reason other than payment of rent including; property damage, misrepresentation of a material fact in the rental application, or affecting the health and safety of the premises.