Arkansas Rental Lease Agreement Templates

Use the Arkansas lease agreements to legally bind a person into renting commercial or residential property with a landlord. All agreements must adhere to State laws and it is recommended that the landlord require the tenant to fill in an application to verify their background, credit, and employment information.

Form Description Types

Arkansas 14 Day Eviction Notice

Issue an Arkansas 14 Day Eviction Notice for all tenants that break their lease for any reason besides the non-payment of rent. Form Description Types

Arkansas Notice to Quit For Nonpayment of Rent

Issue an Arkansas Notice to Quit For Nonpayment of Rent to a tenant if they fail to pay rent. The tenant will then have the option to pay the amount due or vacate the property. Form Description Types

Arkansas Sublease Agreement

The Arkansas sublease is an agreement for roommate situations and for tenants who have decided to re-rent their apartment to someone else for a temporary term or until the end date of their lease. Unless the tenant has permission from…Read more ›

Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement

The Arkansas Commercial Lease Agreement is for any type of business seeking to operate out of office, retail, or industrial property by paying monthly rent to a property owner. The landlord that is involved will most likely want to view…Read more ›

Arkansas Rental Application

The Arkansas Rental Application is to be filled in by an individual seeking to lease residential property from an owner or manager.Read more ›

Arkansas Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Arkansas monthly lease agreement, or tenancy at will, is a contract between a lessor and lessee that outlines a rental arrangement where the tenant renews every month via their payment to the landlord every month. This type of contract…Read more ›

Arkansas Residential Lease Agreement

The Arkansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement is for a person seeking to occupy an apartment or home for a one (1) year term. The person looking to occupy the property is referred to as the “tenant”, and the person to…Read more ›

Arkansas Landlord-Tenant Laws

Security Deposits

*Security Deposit rules do not apply to landlords who own less than six (6) buildings

Maximum Amount for Security Deposit

A landlord may only accept up to two (2) months’ rent at the time of lease signing for a residential unit.

Returning Security Deposit

The landlord must return the Security Deposit within sixty (60) days from the date of lease expiration or vacancy by the tenant.

Landlord’s Access to Property

There is no State law that requires the landlord to give notice to the tenant before entering the property. This power should not be abused by the landlord and in “good faith” the landlord should always give at least twenty-four hours before accessing the property for non-emergency reasons.

Rent Late

There is no State grace period. Rent is due on the date specified in your lease agreement. If you fail to pay at the required time, the landlord may start the eviction process by issuing a 10 day notice to pay or vacate the property.