Colorado Rental Lease Agreement Templates

The Colorado lease agreements are designated for a landlord to sign a prospective tenant in a rental arrangement whereas the occupation of commercial or residential property will be exchanged for monthly payments. The landlord or representative, which is usually a property manager or agent, will typically request for employment and income verification through the rental application. Once approved by the landlord a lease will be drafted and once authorized by both parties it is considered enforceable.

Form Description Types

Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement

The Colorado commercial lease agreement is a rental contact between a retail, industrial, or office property owner and a business entity (or individual) seeking to occupy land or space. If the tenant is requesting for fit-up space, the landlord should…Read more ›

Colorado 3 Day Notice to Quit

If a tenant fails to pay rent after the allotted time, serve them a 3-Day Notice to Quit, which serves as a warning to pay rent or be evicted. Form Description Types

Colorado Lead Paint Disclosure Form

Use a Colorado Lead Paint Disclosure Form if a residential unit was built prior to 1978 this form must be authorized by both parties and attached to the agreement. Form Description Types

Colorado Move-in/Move out Checklist

A Colorado Move-in/Move out Checklist is not required, but recommended for tenant(s) to fill-in at the time of lease signing to protect their Security Deposit. Form Description Types

Colorado Real Estate Broker Disclosure Form

If the tenant was shown the property by a real estate agent then this form must be attached to the agreement and signed by all parties. Form Description Types

Colorado Rental Application

The Colorado rental application is a form to verify that a tenant is who they claim to be in regards to employment, credit, and by performing a background check. Form Description Types Required Info The form will ask the potential…Read more ›

Colorado Residential Lease Agreement

The standard Colorado one (1) year rental agreement is suitable for landlord-tenant arrangements lasting for a twelve (12) month period but can be structured for any type of fixed term as determined by the parties. Due to the long-term aspect…Read more ›

Colorado Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Colorado month to month rental agreement is a relationship between a property owner and a lessee where both parties are held to the terms of the contract for thirty (30) days at a time. Form Description Types Notice to…Read more ›

Colorado Sublease Agreement

The Colorado sublease agreement allows a tenant who is under a lease agreement to act as the landlord and rent a portion or the entire space to someone else. Unless it is specifically requested at the time of lease signing, usually…Read more ›

Colorado Rental Laws

Security Deposit

There is no limit on how much the landlord may request from the tenant. Typically the more risk the tenant is to defaulting on the lease, the higher the amount.

Returning Security Deposit

According to 32-12-103, the landlord must return the Security Deposit within thirty (30) days unless otherwise noted in the lease agreement. The State law is sixty (60) days only if it is specified in the contract.

*If the tenant was forced to vacate due to hazardous material on the property such as gas, the landlord must return the deposit within seventy-two (72) hours.

Access to Rental Property

There is no statute or law that states the landlord must give notice before entering the property for maintenance or any non-emergency use.

Late Rent

Rent is due on the date written in the lease contract. If the tenant does not pay, they may see a notice to pay in full or vacate the premises.