Washington DC Sublease Agreement

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The Washington DC Sublease Application Form is an add on to an existing lease that allows the current tenant of a property (known as the sublessor) to rent out all or part of their property to another party (known as the sublessee). This is usually because the sublessor wishes to vacate the property before their lease has expired or wishes to acquire a roommate after the lease has been signed.

The District of Columbia has no laws specifically regarding subleasing, and so all of the rules for subleasing will be included on the lease itself. As most leases discourage or outright forbid subletting, a tenant who wishes to sublease must usually gain written permission from the landlord.

Note that, regardless of the terms of the sublease agreement, the sublessor is still required to ensure that the terms of the original lease are upheld. If the sublessor fails to pay rent or otherwise violates the terms of the sublessor may be required to evict the sublessee or even face eviction alongside them. In order to minimize the risk of having issues with the sublessee, most landlords and sublessors will want ask sublessee to complete the Rental Application Form.

As Washington DC has no laws specifically pertaining to subletting, a Sublease Agreement will be subject to the same laws a normal lease, in this case Washington DC Municipal Regulations Title 14.