Hawaii Sublease Agreement

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The Hawaii sublease agreement is a contract between a tenant (Sublessor) that is under a fixed term lease agreement (most commonly) and an individual (Sublessee) looking to rent the same property from the original tenant. The sublessor must make sure that they are able to rent to the sublessee by verifying through their original lease with the landlord. If the act of subletting is not allowed then they will have to seek the written permission from the landlord.

The sublessor should be aware that they will be 100% liable for the sublessee for financial and legal obligations including;

  • Collecting rent
  • Any damage inflicting on the property by the sublessee
  • vacating the premises on time
  • Any possible evictions

Therefore, it is highly recommended that the sublessor take the sublessee’s credit and background information with an application to verify that they are a safe bet for the property.