Iowa Rental Lease Agreement Templates

The Iowa lease agreements allow a tenant to occupy commercial or residential property or space from a landlord in trade for a monthly payment. The landlord, before authorizing an agreement, will usually take the applicant’s personal information and run a credit check and verify their job and income. Once the landlord has come to a decision, the rent will be negotiated and the tenant may have to put up a Security Deposit at the time of signing the agreement.

Form Description Types

Iowa Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Iowa month to month rental agreement is a form used by landlords and tenants seeking a short-term arrangement that is not bound by a fixed term. Also known as a ‘Tenancy at Will’, the main advantage versus a standard…Read more ›

Iowa Residential Lease Agreement

The Iowa generic lease agreement is the most common residential contract that permits a person (Tenant) to live in space by paying a monthly amount to a property owner (Landlord). Depending on the circumstances, the tenant may have to submit…Read more ›

Iowa Commercial Lease Agreement

The Iowa commercial lease agreement is a contract used for business tenants seeking to occupy retail, office, or industrial space. Depending on the property, the landlord may be asked to ‘fit-up’ the space so that upon move-in, it is exactly…Read more ›

Iowa Sublease Agreement

The Iowa sublease agreement is a real estate contract designated for tenants (Original Tenant) that are currently in a fixed lease agreement and decide to allow another individual (Subtenant) to occupy a portion or the entire pace. Almost every standard…Read more ›

Iowa Rental Application

The Iowa rental application is used by landlords to see if a potential tenant is able to not only pay rent on time but to see how they were with other landlords in the past. The applicant is required, usually…Read more ›


Agent/Owner Information

The lease must contain the owner or an agent/manager information including name and address of the person(s) that are authorized to act in the owner’s place.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Landlord must inform the tenant if the property is listed in the ‘Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System’.

Lead-Based Paint

Federal law regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that states every residence built before 1978 must have this form attached to the lease and signed by the tenant. Use our Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form.

Shared Utilities

If the residence being leased shares utilities with others the landlord must explain how rates, charges, and services are calculated.

Iowa Rental Laws

Security Deposit Limit

There is a cap that a landlord is allowed to charge equivalent of two (2) months’ rent to the tenant.

Returning Security Deposit

The landlord must return the deposit to the tenant within thirty days (30) of the lease termination date or the day the tenant vacated the property. Whichever is later. If there are any deductions an itemized list is required to be attached.

Landlord’s Access to the Premises

The landlord must give the tenant at least twenty-four (24) hours notice before entering the premises. Statute 562A.19

Late Rent

Rent is legally due on the date written in the lease. If late, the landlord may charge late fees as follows;

Monthly Renal Amount Under $700 – Maximum of $12 per day. Total of $60 per month.
Monthly Renal Amount Over $700 – Maximum of $20 per day. $100 per month. 562A-29A

If rent is not paid, in addition to any late fee(s), the landlord may also issue the three (3) notice to quit allowing the tenant the option to pay all rent that is owed or move out of the premises. If the tenant decides to vacate, the money is still owed to the landlord.