Idaho Rental Lease Agreement Templates

The Idaho lease agreements are between a tenant seeking commercial or residential space in exchange for payment to a landlord on a monthly basis. The most common type of lease is the one (1) year residential lease agreement which can be filled in by the landlord and tenant typically after the approval through a verified rental application. After all security deposits are made, and both parties have signed the agreement will the tenant be given entry to the premises with all necessary keys will be issued.

Form Description Types

Idaho Commercial Lease Agreement

The Idaho commercial lease agreement is a contract between an owner of retail, industrial, or office space with the intentions of renting the property to a business entity or individual. The average lease term is three (3) to five (5)…Read more ›

Idaho Rental Application

The Idaho rental application is a document given by the landlord to a tenant looking to occupy residential property from the landlord. The landlord uses this document to verify that they are able to make the payments on time every…Read more ›

Idaho Residential Lease Agreement

The Idaho Residential Lease Agreement is a form between and tenant seeking livable space and a landlord attempting to find a credible tenant to pay rent on a monthly arrangement. The contract is usually for a one (1) year term…Read more ›

Idaho Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Idaho monthly lease agreement is a written contract agreed by a landlord and tenant that renews on a thirty (30) day basis. The short term agreement allows for either party to cancel (Statute 55-208)  with at least one (1)…Read more ›

Idaho Sublease Agreement

The Idaho Sublease Agreement is a contract between an individual that is currently under a rental contract and decides to allow another person, or Sublessee, to occupy part or the whole property in exchange for rent. The person that is…Read more ›

State Disclosure Forms

There are no required disclosure forms needed for the State of Idaho. The only form required is the lead based paint disclosure which is issued by federal law upon a housing unit built prior to 1978.

Idaho Rental Laws

Security Deposit

Statute Pertaining to Security Deposits – Idaho Code 6-321

Maximum Security Deposit

There is no cap. The landlord may ask for as much as they deem necessary.

Returning Security Deposit

The landlord must give back the Security Deposit to the tenant within twenty-one (21) days. If written in the lease agreement, the landlord may not have to send the deposit up to thirty (30) days.

Landlord’s Access to Rental Property

There is no State law on how much time is necessary for the landlord to give before entering the property. This should not be abused by the landlord and it is recommended that at least twenty-four (24) hours always be given to the tenant.

Late Rent

Rent is due on the date specified in the lease agreement which is most commonly the first (1st) of every month. If rent is not paid on that date, the landlord may start the eviction process and charge the late fee stated in the rental contract (if no late fee is stated in the rental agreement then it cannot be issued).

If the tenant receives a three (3) day notice to quit, this means that they will have three (3) days to either pay all rent due, including any back-rent or fees, or vacate the premises. If they decide to vacate, the rent is still due to the landlord.