Illinois Rental Lease Agreement Templates

The Illinois rental agreements are designed for creating a legal contract between an individual/entity that owns property and a person looking to rent on a monthly basis. The tenant, depending on the property, may have to undergo a credit verification as well as provide references in relation to their past employers and landlords. Once approved, a lease should be negotiated and signed between the parties.

Form Description Types

Illinois Commercial Lease Agreement

The Illinois Commercial Lease Agreement is a real estate contract between a property owner and an individual or entity seeking to occupy business space. The space is typically industrial, office, or retail related and on average the term/length is between…Read more ›

Illinois Sublease Agreement

The Illinois Sublease Agreement is a form that is written by a tenant that is renting property and an individual, referred to as the “subtenant”, that is seeking a room or the entire space to rent. The tenant must first…Read more ›

Illinois Residential Lease Agreement

The Illinois Residential Lease Agreement is usually a standard one (1) year length which is between a property owner (landlord) and a tenant seeking to occupy and live in space for a monthly payment to be negotiated. Before authorizing any…Read more ›

Illinois Rental Application

The Illinois Rental Application is used for prospective tenants looking to rent property from an owner that wants to verify their credit and background information. Depending in the landlord there may be a non-refundable fee associated with the verification process.…Read more ›

Illinois Month to Month Rental Agreement

The Illinois Month to Month Rental Agreement is for shorter term renters who do not want a fixed length of time held against them under a residential lease. This form allows for either party, landlord or tenant, to be able to…Read more ›

Required Disclosures


If the tenant pays a portion of a larger, or ‘Master’, utility, the landlord must give a copy to the tenant of how exactly the amount is calculated. 765 ILCS 740

Rent Concessions

Required to be described in the lease. 765 ILCS 730


 Although the landlord is not required to test for the gas, if they find out it exists this form should be signed by the tenant. This is not required for units above three (3) stories.Radon Awareness Act | Illinois Radon Disclosure Form

Illinois Rental Laws

Maximum Security Deposit

There is State no limit on how much the landlord may require for the Security Deposit.

Returning Security Deposit

The landlord must return the Security Deposit to the tenant within thirty (30) days unless their is damage found in the premises. If damage exists, an itemized copy of the repairs must be sent within thirty (30) days and the remainder of the funds must be sent to the tenant within a total of forty five (45) days from the date of vacating the property. Statute 765/710

Landlord’s Access to Property

The landlord is not required to give notice to the tenant before entering the Premises.

When Rent is Late

The rental payment is due on the date specified in the lease agreement. If the agreement states a late fee then the tenant will be obligated to pay. The tenant may expect to see the five (5) day eviction notice form which gives them the decision to pay in full or vacate the premise in that time.