Illinois Sublease Agreement

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The Illinois Sublease Agreement is a form that is written by a tenant that is renting property and an individual, referred to as the “subtenant”, that is seeking a room or the entire space to rent. The tenant must first check their lease agreement to be able to rent their space to the subtenant. If not, the tenant will have to get permission, usually in writing, from the landlord that acknowledges that it is okay to sublet the space.

Simple Rules about Subletting

The tenant may not sign an agreement with the subtenant for a longer period of time than the original lease agreement.

The tenant is responsible for all actions of the subtenant including:
Non-Payment of Rent;
Moving-out when the term is over;
Damage to the Premises;
Any evictions. The tenant must cover any and all legal costs and possible financial damages for an eviction.

Therefore it is highly recommended that the landlord take an accounting of the subtenant’s personal information through the rental application before coming to a decision to rent the space.