Indiana Sublease Agreement

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The Indiana sublease agreement is a real estate contract between a tenant, or sublessor, that has a fixed lease agreement and an individual, or sublessee, that is seeking to occupy a part-of or the entire space by paying the tenant sublessor. The sublessor must make sure that this is legal under their master lease by viewing the section usually titled under ‘subletting’. If it is not an allowed action the sublessor must get written permission from the landlord requesting for this action to be allowed.

Tenant Responsibilities

Even if subletting is allowed, the sublessor should recognize the following legal and financial exposure they bring to themselves. The sublessor will be responsible the sublessee including but not limited to the following:

Rental Payments

The landlord remains on the hook for the payments in the master lease agreement whether or not the sublessee pays their rent.


If the sublessee leaves damage on the premises the sublessor will be liable for any repairs needed.


The sublessor is responsible for the sublessee leaving the property at the time stated in the agreement.


If an eviction must be made, the sublessor will not only have to pay for the legal fees but also any financial damage (if any) caused to the landlord.