Kansas Sublease Agreement

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The Kansas Sublease is a real estate agreement between a tenant on the property, SubLessor, and a individual, SubLessee, looking to occupy a part of or the entire space. The SubLessor’s first objective before seeking a tenant is to make sure that they are allowed to sublet the premises by reading their original agreement with the landlord. If the agreement does not state that subletting is an allowable use, then written permission must be obtained.

The Sublessor may have to get the landlord’s approval of the tenant that will be living on the premises and it is a good idea to check their credit through the a rental application. Also, the Sublessor will be financially and legally responsible for all aspects of the Sublessee’s tenancy including;

Moving Out

The Sublessee must move out no later than the end date of the original agreement.


If an eviction must proceed, the Sublessor will reap the entire liability of the legal costs and possible financial damages to the landlord.


If the Sublessee’s damages the property, the SubLessor will be liable. Therefore it is recommended to seek out previous landlords or references of the SubLessee.