Maryland Residential Lease Agreement

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The Maryland Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is a document that comes with language that complies with all the updated statutes pertaining to Maryland law. This agreement can easily be altered in order for a landlord and tenant to come to terms with each others wishes in order to execute a one lease agreement.

Written Lease

Oral agreements are legal in the state of Maryland, however there a few exceptions. If a lease is going to be for one (1) year or more, the lease agreement needs to be in writing. If the landlord owns more than 5 rental units in the state of Maryland, every lease agreement no matter length of the term, must be in writing. Ideally, it’s not recommended to agree to a verbal lease no matter what position you take.

When agreeing to terms within the lease, it’s acceptable to add additional provisions and cross out provisions that you do not want. All changes should be initialed and dated by you and the landlord.