Maine Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Maine Month to Month Lease Agreement is a rental agreement that continues on a monthly basis that allows either party to cancel this month-to-month tenancy by giving to the other party at least 30-days written notice.

There are two ways a month to month tenancy can happen in the state of Maine. (1) Complete and sign this month to month lease agreement and you have a monthly lease agreement. (2) A tenant continues to “hold over” or stay beyond the end of their lease. This creates a month to month lease or otherwise called, a “Tenancy at Will”. If during this time the tenant fails to pay rent after 14 days past due, the landlord may end the lease with only 7 days written notice. If during the 7 days the tenant pays back the rent amount due in full, the eviction notice will be revoked.

Note: In order for the landlord to stop a tenant from “holding over”, he/she must inform the  tenant in writing at least 30 days before the end of the Initial Rental Period.