Minnesota Rental Application

A Minnesota Rental Application Form is a waiver form that collects a prospective tenant’s personal and background information that enables the landlord to put the tenant through their screening process.

Application Laws

Limitations; The landlord should not charge an application a fee if the landlord knows that no rental unit is available.

  • The landlord must give a receipt of an application fee to the tenant; its unlawful to hold or deny a receipt.
  • A landlord may not cash or use the application fee until the prospective tenant has been accepted.

Disclosures to applicant; The landlord must disclose in writing to the tenant if their application has been accepted while also providing the name, address, and telephone number of the tenant screening service used.

  • If the application is rejected, the landlord must notify the applicant within 14 days of rejecting a rental application, identifying the criteria the applicant failed to meet.

Minnesota Statutes 504B.173