Minnesota Residential Lease Agreement

A Minnesota Standard (1) Year Lease Agreement is fixed term lease agreement between a landlord of residential property and a tenant. This agreement has a specific end date. Unless stated in the lease (renewal provision), the agreement will end on the specified date.

Leasing & Rent

Written Lease Required – If a tenant is renting a unit in a 12+ unit building, it’s required by law to have the lease in writing including with the tenant’s full name and date of birth. Minnesota Statutes 504B.111

Copy of Written Lease – A copy of the lease agreement including the signatures of the tenant and landlord must be given to the tenant after it has been executed. The landlord in return can demand a copy of a signed receipt acknowledging that the tenant has received the signed copy of the lease. Minnesota Statutes 504B.115

Cash Payments – Tenants who pay rent in cash are entitled to receive a receipt immediately from the landlord if paid in person or within 3 days if cash if delivered by another method. Minnesota Statutes 504B.118