Missouri Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Missouri Month to Month Lease Agreement is a residential lease designed for shorter term or more fluid living situations. Unlike a One Year Lease, a Month to Month Lease terminates at the end of every month or pay period, and renews when the tenant pays rent. This makes it ideal for shorter leases, or if a landlord is unsure of a tenant’s financial stability.

While a long term lease requires showing cause in order to be terminated early, a Month to Month Lease can be ended or altered at the landlord’s discretion by giving the tenant one (1) month’s written notice, although do for discriminatory reasons is of course illegal. Similarly a tenant can end a Month to Month Lease by giving the landlord one (1) month’s written notice before the exit the property. This level of flexibility makes it popular with tenants who move regularly, such as students or members of the military.

As it is a subset of Residential Leases, a Month to Month Lease is governed by all the same laws as any other Residential Lease. All of Missouri’s lease laws can be found in Missouri State Code, Chapters 441 and 535.