Missouri Rental Application

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The Missouri Rental Application Form is not a legal document, but a fairly common application that many landlords will require potential tenants to complete. It screens all applicants for issues with paying rent or violating clauses in their previous leases, to minimize a landlord’s risk of signing a lease with a problematic tenant. A landlord has the right to charge a nonrefundable fee for this application.

In order to protect landlords from potential issues with their tenants, a rental application form will look into an applicant’s rental record, including talking to previous landlords, their work history and their financial background, including a credit check. While this is primarily to help landlords, it can also be useful for a tenant with an exemplary history to stand out from other applicants.

While these checks can look into a variety of things, commonly required information is the applicants name, social security number, pay stubs and the contact information for previous landlords the tenant wishes to use as references.