Missouri Residential Lease Agreement

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The Missouri Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is an extremely common type of Residential Lease, common enough to be considered the basic form of long term lease. Unlike a Month to Month Lease, this kind of lease will run for a full year, as the name implies. At the end of the year, both the landlord and the tenant will have the option to either end the lease or renegotiate and renew.

It is important to note that neither party can exit this kind of agreement easily. For a landlord, they must have due cause and must go through the lengthy and often difficult process of eviction. For a tenant, if they leave the property before their lease is terminated, they may be financially responsible for the cost of rent until the landlord finds a new tenant, or at the very least forfeit their security deposit.

The benefit in exchange for this lack of flexibility is a sense of security. A landlord will be sure that their property will be occupied for the full year and a tenant can be sure that they will be allowed to continue to live on the property so long as they maintain the terms of their lease. Regardless, both parties should be exceptionally sure that they do not wish to pursue a Month to Month Lease, and the tenant should usually be required to complete the Rental Application Form.

As it is the most basic form of long term lease, a One Year Lease will be governed by all of the same laws as any other Residential Lease. All of Missouri’s Lease Laws can be found in Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapters 441 and 535.


  • Missouri has no laws requiring disclosures from landlords on the state level. However Federal Law requires that a landlord disclose the presence of any lead paint based hazards on or around the property.