Mississippi Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Mississippi Month to Month Lease Agreement is a special kind of residential lease designed for shorter term or more flexible living arrangements. In a Month to Month Lease, the agreement terminates at the end of ever month and renews upon payment of rent. This makes it more easily altered or terminated, which in turn makes it popular with students and tenants who are unsure of how long they will be remaining in an area.

While this type of lease is often popular with certain kinds of tenants, it can also be used to a landlord’s advantage. No landlord wants to have go through the length and often expensive process of eviction, but in a Month to Month Lease, the lease can be altered or terminated simply by giving the tenant thirty (30) days written notice at the landlord’s discretion, allowing a landlord to bypass the eviction process if necessary.

As they are merely a subset of a Residential Leases, a Month to Month Lease will be governed by all the same laws as a long term lease. All of Mississippi’s Residential Lease laws can be found in Mississippi State Code, Title 89-7-1 to 89-8-29.