Montana Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Montana Month to Month Lease Agreement is a special kind of Residential Lease that terminates at the end of ever month and renews when rent is paid. This gives the lease a level of flexibility that long term leases lack, as it can be altered or terminated much more easily than a One Year Lease.

In a One Year Lease, a landlord cannot alter the lease or rent in any way, and cannot end the tenancy early without going through the eviction process. In Montana a Month to Month Lease the lease can be altered or terminated by giving the tenant fifteen (15) days written notice. A tenant can also end their lease by giving the landlord fifteen (15) days written notice. This level of flexibility makes it popular with shorter term living arrangements or landlords who are unsure of their tenants ability to maintain a lease.

As they are a subset of Residential Leases, Month to Month Leases are subject to all of the same laws as any lease. All of Montana’s residential lease laws can be found in Montana Statutes, Chapter 70.