North Carolina Sublease Agreement

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A North Carolina Sublet Agreement is a form that allows a tenant (referred to as the sublessor) to rent all or part of their property to a third party (referred to as the sublessee). This agreement is required if the tenant wishes to have a roommate not included on the original lease, or if they wish to allow another person to lease out their space if they have vacated before the lease is completed.

How to Sublease in North Carolina

The first step to subleasing your property is by informing your landlord. If your contract states you are not allowed to sublet, you will need the permission of your landlord, either way, it should be discussed. Finding a tenant is tricky since you will need to choose someone who can be trusted. In a way, you have to act as the new landlord since you will still be responsible for paying rent and any damage brought against the property.

If a security deposit is charged to the new tenant, it can not exceed the following:

  • 2 weeks rent if you are paying by the week
  • 1 1/2 month’s rent if you are paying by the month
  • 2 months rent if you are paying rent for longer than a month
  • Moving Out – Money must be returned after 30 days.

Terminating a Sublease Agreement

Depending on the term of the lease, proper notice must be given to the landlord which is stated below.

  • 2 days if you pay rent every week
  • 7 days if you pay rent every month
  • 1 month if the lease is year-to-year