North Dakota Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A North Dakota Month to Month Lease Agreement is a special type of residential lease, where the lease expires every month and is renewed upon payment of rent at the beginning of the month. This is more commonly used by tenants who are unsure of their ability to maintain a One Year Lease, or landlords who are unsure of their tenants ability to maintain a lease.

Unlike a One Year Lease, a Month to Month lease can be altered or terminated by the landlord with thirty (30) days written notice, although less time, typically seven (7) days, can be given if rent has gone unpaid or if the lease has been violated. Similarly, if the tenant wishes to terminate the lease, they need only give the landlord thirty (30) days written notice. Under North Dakota state law, a tenant can give twenty five (25) days notice if the landlord has changed the terms of the lease.