Nebraska Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Nebraska Month to Month Lease Agreement is an agreement used for shorter term living arrangements or leases in need of more flexibility. In this kind of lease, the agreement terminates at the end of ever pay period and renews when rent is paid. This makes it significantly easier to exit, for both landlord and tenant.

In a Month to Month Lease, the tenant can exit the lease simply by giving the landlord thirty (30) days written notice, allowing it to be ended much more quickly and without consequences. Similarly a landlord who wishes to eject a tenant can do so at their discretion, simply by giving them thirty (30) days written notice. This level of flexibility makes it popular with tenants who move regularly, such as students or members of the military, and landlords who are unsure of their tenant’s financial stability.

As it is a variation on a Residential Lease, a Month to Month Lease will be governed entirely by a state’s rent and lease laws, which in Nebraska can be found in Nebraska Statutes, Title 76-1401 to 76-1449.