New Hampshire Commercial Lease Agreement

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The New Hampshire Commercial Lease Agreement is the only non-residential lease included on this page. This kind of lease is intended to allow a for-profit entity to rent a property for commercial purposes. Only commercial organizations can use this type of lease; A non-profit or political organization, for example, would have to use a different kind of lease.

A Commercial Lease is typically much more complicated than a Residential Lease, and not only because they are freed from the requirement to contain simple, clear language. They will often run for much longer than a Residential Lease and may contain clauses pertaining to or affected by other units in the property (such as clauses requiring that a business be the only one of its kind in a shopping mall).

They will also typically hold the tenant financially responsible for costs other than the rent. A common kind of Commercial Lease is a Triple Net (NNN) lease, where the tenant is responsible for the repair costs, utilities and property taxes, in addition to the rent. The opposite of this is a Gross Lease, where the tenant is only responsible for the rent, which will usually be much higher than a Triple Net lease.

A Commercial Lease is affected by both its states lease laws and its states Commercial Code. New Hampshire’s lease laws can be found in New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Chapter 540 while its Commercial Code can be found in Chapter 382-A.