New Hampshire Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The New Hampshire Month to Month Lease Agreement is a more temporary or flexible type of lease than most of the leases on this page. In this kind of lease, the agreement technically ends every month and is renewed when the tenant pays rent. This means that unlike a One Year Lease, the landlord and tenant can alter or exit the agreement essentially at their discretion.

In a Month to Month lease, either landlord or tenant can end the tenancy by giving the other part thirty (30) days written notice. This makes it ideal for a tenant who is unsure if they want to commit to a property for an extended length of time (such as a student or a member of the military) or a landlord who is tentative about signing a long term lease for any reason.

As they are a subset of Residential Leases, all Month to Month Leases will be governed by the same laws as all Residential Leases. In New Hampshire, these can be found in New Hampshire State Code, Chapter 540.