Nevada Sublease Agreement

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A Nevada Sublet Agreement is a modification to an existing lease that allows the current tenant of a property (known in this kind of agreement as the sublessor) to rent out all or part of the property they are leasing to another party (known as the sublesee). This is most often used when the sublessor wants to vacate the property early without breaking their lease or when the sublessor wants a roommate not included on the original lease.

Under Nevada state law, a tenant is always allowed to sublease, and a lease cannot forbid the tenant from subletting. Despite this, it may be fruitful for the sublessor to require that the sublessee complete the Rental Application Form. Regardless of the terms of the Sublease Agreement, the sublessor is still required to ensure that the original terms of the lease are upheld. If the sublessee breaks the lease in any way, the sublessor may face eviction alongside the sublessee.

A sublease agreement will be bound by the same laws and restrictions as a normal lease, which in Nevada can be found in Nevada Revised Statutes Chapters 40 and 113.