Ohio Month to Month Rental Agreement

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An Ohio Month to Month Lease Agreement is a type of lease where the tenancy is terminated at the end of every month and renewed upon payment of rent at the beginning of the next. Unlike a One Year Lease, this lease has no set end date and can typically only be altered or cancelled by one party giving the other thirty (30) days notice.

While this lease is useful for tenants who doubt their ability to uphold a longer lease, it can be cancelled fairly easily and without stated reason (although altering or cancelling a Lease in a discriminatory manner is, of course, illegal). A landlord can give less than thirty (30) days notice to vacate if the lease has been violated or the tenant has violated the law in some way.

Similarly a tenant can terminate a lease by giving the landlord thirty (30) days written notice, although some leases have provisions for less time and/or a specific day when the notice must be served (typically the first of the month). As with all leases, the lease should be carefully read and understood before signing.