Ohio Sublease Agreement

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An Ohio Sublease Agreement is a form that allows a current tenant (known as the sublessor) to rent out part or all of the property they are currently renting to another party (known as the sublessee).

Any tenant is legally permitted to sublet, even if their lease explicitly forbids, with written permission from the landlord. A tenant should send a written declaration of their intent to sublet, including the name of the sublessee and the reason for subletting. The landlord may request more information within ten (10) days and must respond within thirty (30) days to accept or reject the request. Failing to respond within thirty days is construed as tacit acceptance.

Note that, regardless of the terms of the Sublet Agreement, the sublessor is still responsible for the terms and rent in the original lease. If rent goes unpaid or the sublessee otherwise breaks the original lease, both sublessor and sublessee may face eviction. Therefore it highly recommended that the sublessee be required to fill out the Rental Application Form, or be well known the sublessor.