Oregon Residential Lease Agreement

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An Oregon Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is one of the most common types of leases. It locks in the terms and conditions for the tenant to remain in the property for one (1) year, and the lease cannot be altered until the lease has terminated, at which point both landlord and tenant will have the option to renegotiate and renew, or allow the lease to terminate.

As the lease is legally binding until is has terminated, a tenant cannot be forced to vacate until eviction proceedings have been completed, which can be a long and expensive process. As such it is imperative that the landlord be sure, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the tenant is capable of maintaining the lease for its entirety.

Similarly if a tenant is forced, by finance or circumstances, to break the lease, then they can often be financially responsible for the rent until the lease has expired or the landlord has found a new tenant, regardless of whether they are living on the property. The only exceptions to this are where the tenant (or their child) has been the victim of domestic violence or if the tenant has recently begun active military duty.

If either landlord or tenant are unsure of the tenant’s ability to maintain the lease, then they might wish to use a Month to Month Lease Agreement instead. Oregon Rev. Stat. 90.322 to 90.410


  • The landlord is required to disclose whether smoking is forbidden or permitted on the property and if it is permitted, if it is permitted in the entire building or simply in certain areas or units. Oregon Rev. Stat. 90.220
  • If the property is located in a 100 Year Flood Plain, the landlord is required to disclose it. Oregon Rev. Stat 90.228
  • The landlord is required to disclose the name and address of the property owner, property manager and any person authorized to act on their behalf. Oregon Rev. Stat. 90.305
  • If the rental contains one or more sources of Carbon Monoxide, the landlord must install at least one CO Monitors and give the tenant written instructions on how to operate it. Oregon Rev. Stat 90.316 & 90.317
  • Federal law requires that the landlord disclose the presence of any lead paint based hazards on the property. EPA Title X